Equal Zeal is pleased

Wow! I can’t believe that January is almost over! 2010 is rolling on full steam ahead…and I don’t know about you, but I am loving it! I am still wondering if the FIFA Fever of 2010 is rubbing off on all of us and we are doing more and achieving more as a consequence! EqualContinue reading »

Congratulations to Marinda Blain

What a whirlwind of excitement the month of love has been although it is always far too short with only 28 days! Seems a bit unfair…but perhaps this is to ease our discomfort of the February heat as we steam roll into March! Congratulations to Marinda Blain for launching her wonderful Meals 4 Zeal conceptContinue reading »

Winter is officially here!

Chilly is an understatement and this is the time when we snuggle up under warm duvets and eat thick stew and broths and lots of comfort foods! We tend to forget about our previously healthy exercise regime and we watch DVD’s and stay glued in front of the televison rather than socialising. Isn’t it wonderfulContinue reading »